108 Miraculous Names Of Maa Durga

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108 Names Of Maa Durga – Durga is the principal goddess of Hindus, also known as Devi, Shakti, and Jagdamba. She is the main goddess of the Sakta sect who is compared to Param Brahm. Durga is said to be the mother of Adi Shakti, predominant nature, quality Yogmaya, intelligence, and devoid of the disorder. She is the protector of darkness and ignorance from the demons and is welfare. It is believed that they destroy the demonic forces that strike peace, prosperity, and religion.

Durga is represented as a goddess riding on a lion. Durga Devi is equipped with eight arms, all of which have some weapon. She killed an Asura named Mahishasura.

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The Jyotirlingas in which Goddess Durga is established is called Siddhapeeth. All the resolutions made there are fulfilled. Mother Durga Devi was named after slaying a great monster named Durgam. Mother took the form of Shatakshi and after that Shakambhari Devi, popularly known as Shakambhari Devi, killed Durgamasura. Due to which she became famous as Durga Devi in ​​the whole universe. There are many temples in the mother’s country, Mahishasurmardini Shaktipeeth somewhere and Kamakhya Devi somewhere. This goddess is famous as Mahakali in Kolkata and she is as Shakambhari Devi in ​​the ancient Shaktipeeth of Saharanpur.

In the Shakti Sampradaya of Hindus, Bhagwati Durga is considered to be the power and supreme deity of the world. The Vedas mention Durga widely, but the Upanishad describes the goddess “Uma Haimavati”. Durga is considered as Adishakti in Purana. Durga is actually a form of Shiva’s wife Adishakti, Shiva’s parashakti has been described as the dominant nature, quality Maya, the mother of intelligence and disorderliness. Even though Ekanki, that Maya power becomes many by chance. That Adi Shakti Devi was born as Savitri (first wife of Brahma Ji), Lakshmi, and Parvati (Sati) and she married Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Despite having three forms, Durga (Adi Shakti) is the same.

Goddess Durga herself has many forms (different from Savitri, Lakshmi and Parvati). The main form is his “Gauri”, that is, the serene, beautiful and fair complexion. The most terrible form is “Kali”, that is, the black form. Durga in various forms is worshiped in many temples and pilgrimage centers in India and Nepal. In some Durga temples, animal sacrifice is also offered. Bhagwati is the lion riding Durga.

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In the Markandeya Purana, Brahadeva has said that to protect the human race, a secret, absolutely useful and welfare of man is the goddess Kavach and Goddess Sukta and said that the man who will do these remedies, will enjoy happiness in this world at the end of time and will go to Baikundha. Brahadeva said that a person who recites Durga Saptashati will get happiness. According to the Bhagavata Purana, the incarnation of Maa Jagadamba is done to protect the best men. Whereas, according to Shrimad Devi Bhagwat, Maa Jagadamba has come to protect the Vedas and Puranas and to beat the evil. In the same way, according to Rig Veda, Mother Durga is the Adi Shakti, the whole world is governed by them and there is no other indestructible other than them.

108 Names of Maa Durga

According to Durga Saptashati, 108 names have been given to Maa Durga.

  1. Sati – to be alive by burning in fire
  2. Sadhvi – Optimistic
  3. Bhavaprita – Loving Lord Shiva
  4. Bhavani – the abode of the universe
  5. Bhavamochani – Freeing the world from bondage
  6. Arya – Devi
  7. Durga – Invincible
  8. Jaya – Victorious
  9. Adya – Reality of Initiation
  10. Trinetra – Three Eyed
  11. shuladharini – wearer
  12. Pinakadharini – holding the trident of Shiva
  13. Chitra – Picturesque, Beautiful
  14. Chandraghanta – an hour-long, loud-sounding, hour-long sounder
  15. Mahatapa – Heavy austerity
  16. Mind – contemplation power
  17. Wisdom – Omniscient
  18. Ahankara – Pride
  19. Chittarupa – One who is in a state of thinking
  20. pyre – deathbed
  21. Stains – consciousness
  22. Sarvamantramayee – One who knows all mantras
  23. Satta – Satta Swarpa, which is above all
  24. Satyananda Swaroopini – The form of eternal bliss
  25. Ananta – Whose Form Has No End
  26. Bhavini – Creator of all, beautiful woman
  27. Spirit – Worthwhile to meditate
  28. Bhavya – Kalyanarupa, with grandeur
  29. Realization – nothing is more grand
  30. Sadgati – Always in motion, Moksha Daan
  31. Shambhavi – Shivpriya, wife of Shambhu
  32. Devamata – Mother of Gods
  33. Anxiety – Anxiety
  34. Ratnapriya – love jewelry
  35. Sarvavidya – Abode of Knowledge
  36. Dakshakanya – Daksha’s daughter
  37. Dakshayagavinashini – Preventing Yajna of Daksha
  38. Aparna – One who does not eat leaves at the time of penance
  39. Multiple colors – multicolored
  40. Patla – Red
  41. Patalavati – Wearing roses or red dresses or flowers
  42. Pattambara Paridhana – wearer of silk
  43. Kalamanjiraranjini – Happy to wear Payal
  44. Amay – No Limit
  45. Vikrama – Mighty mighty
  46. ​​Crura – Stiff towards the demons
  47. Beautiful – Beautiful appearance
  48. Sursundari – Extremely beautiful
  49. Vanadurga – Goddess of forests, Banashankari or Shakambhari
  50. Matangi – Goddess of Matanga
  51. Matangamunipujita – Worshiped by Baba Matanga
  52. Brahmi – The power of Lord Brahma
  53. Maheshwari – Lord Shiva’s power
  54. Indri – power of Indra
  55. Kumari – Teenager
  56. Vaishnavi – Unstoppable
  57. Chamunda – Destroyer of Mund and Mund
  58. Varahi – Riding on Varaha
  59. Lakshmi – Goddess of good luck
  60. Male – the man who bears
  61. Vimalautkarshini – Provider of Fun
  62. Jnana – full of knowledge
  63. Action – occurring in every action
  64. Nitya – Eternal
  65. Intellect – imparting knowledge
  66. Bahula – Variety
  67. Multiplicity – beloved
  68. Sarva Vavahana – To be enshrined on all vehicles
  69. Nishumbhumbhahanni – Shumbh, the slayer of Nishumbh
  70. Mahishasuramardini – slayer of Mahishasura
  71. Madhukatbhatantri – destroyer of honey and catabh
  72. Chandamund Destructionin – Destroyer of Chand and Mund
  73. Sarvasurvinasha – Destroyer of all demons
  74. Sarvadanavaghatini – One who has power for destruction
  75. Sarvashtramayee – Proficient in all principles
  76. Satya – Truth
  77. Sarvastradharini – Wearer of all arms
  78. Anekashastrahasta – Holder of many weapons in hands
  79. Anekastradharini – Holding many weapons
  80. Kumari – Beautiful teenager
  81. Ekakanya – Virgo
  82. Cashori – Young Girl
  83. Maiden – Woman
  84. Yeti – ascetic
  85. Apodha – Never Old
  86. Adult – Older
  87. Older Mother – Relaxed
  88. Balprada – The One who empowers
  89. Mahodari – The Universe Handler
  90. Muktakeshi – With open hair
  91. Ghorroopa – having a fierce attitude
  92. Mahabala – One with immense power
  93. Agnijwala – Like Touching Fire
  94. Raudramukhi – Fierce face like destroyer Rudra
  95. Kalratri – Black
  96. Tapaswini – engaged in penance
  97. Narayani – Destructive form of Lord Narayana
  98. Bhadrakali – Horrible form of Kali
  99. Vishnumaya – Lord Vishnu’s magic
  100. Jalodari – Living in the Universe
  101. Shivduti – Ambassador of Lord Shiva
  102. Karli – Violent
  103. Ananta – Without Destruction
  104. Parameshwari – First Goddess
  105. Katyayani – Worshiped by sage Katyayan
  106. Savitri – Surya’s daughter
  107. Pratishtha – Actual
  108. Brahmavadini – currently living everywhere