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When we listen about Aigiri Nandini, there are many questions that starts pouring into our head. Who is Aigiri Nandini? Who is Mahishasura Mardini? What is Mahishasur Maridhini Sloka? If you are also in the same bucket, don’t worry. Today we will answer all these queries in the post below. So read on.

Who is Aigiri Nandini?

Aigiri Nandini Or Mahishasura Mardini Or Mahishasur Maridhini are only the different names of Maa Durga (Goddess Durga). These are basically different names of the Goddess Parvathi who took the Maa Durga avatar to kill the demon Mahishasur.

Aigiri denotes the daughter of the Mountain King ( Giri indicating mountain ) & Nandini expresses the one who gives peace & joy to the world. Hence Aigiri Nandini is another name of Maa Durga or Maa Parvathi.

Who Was Mahishasura?

Mahishasura is composed of two words, Mahisha & Asura. The word Mahisha means buffalo and asura indicate demon, thus meaning Buffalo Demon. So Mahishasura was a beast in the appearance of buffalo. Once, Mahishasura conducted a fight against the Gods, as the Gods and Demons were enduringly in dispute.

Mahishasura Know About Aigiri Nandini - Mahishasura Mardini

Mahishasura was the son of Rambha, and the great-grandson of Brahmarshi Kashyapa. He has the blessing of transforming his shape into the wanted form.

Mahishasura had obtained the boon that no man could ever kill him. In the battles between the Devas and the demons, the Devas who were led by God Indra were defeated by Mahishasura. God knew that the demon Mahishasura was a very powerful demon and can’t be defeated like this.

So the Gods assembled in the mountains where they combined their all divine energies into one and gave birth to an ultimate power which was matchless, this ultimate power was in the form of Maa Durga or Goddess Durga. Maa Durga riding on Lion, has 18 arms, holding in each hand a string of beads, battle-ax, mace, arrow, thunderbolt, lotus, bow, water pot, cudgel, lance, sword, shield, conch, bell, trident, goblet, noose and the sudarshan chakra.

The Maa Durga, the ultimate power then led a battle against the Mahishasura, riding a lion, and killed him. Consequently, she was entitled Mahishasuramardini, suggesting The Killer of Mahishasura or the slayer of Mahishasura.

Since then the followers of Maa Durga are chanting Aigiri Nandini Lyrics to worship and please Goddess Durga. You can also watch the mantras video on YouTube here.

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