अच्युतम केशवं Achyutam Keshavam Lyrics In Hindi – Krishna Bhajan

Achyutam Keshavam lyrics in Hindi (अच्युतम केशवं कृष्ण दामोदरं लिरिक्स) reminds us that nothing is impossible if we try something with complete dedication. अच्युतम केशवं कृष्ण दामोदरं is a Krishna Bhajan that brings us closer to the God. Krishna is worshiped as the 8th Avatar of God Vishnu, A supreme power known for tenderness & compassion.

The meaning of Achyuta is – “one who will never lose his inherent nature and powers”. The word Achyuta also means “unchangeable” & “immovable”.

Achyutam Keshavam Lyrics In Hindi

Achyutam Keshavam Lyrics In Hindi

अच्युतम केशवं कृष्ण दामोदरं,
राम नारायणं जानकी बल्लभम ।

कौन कहता हे भगवान आते नहीं,
तुम भक्त मीरा के जैसे बुलाते नहीं।

कौन कहता है भगवान खाते नहीं,
बेर शबरी के जैसे खिलाते नहीं।

कौन कहता है भगवान सोते नहीं,
माँ यशोदा के जैसे सुलाते नहीं।

कौन कहता है भगवान नाचते नहीं,
गोपियों की तरह तुम नचाते नहीं।

नाम जपते चलो काम करते चलो,
हर समय कृष्ण का ध्यान करते चलो।

याद आएगी उनको कभी ना कभी,
कृष्ण दर्शन तो देंगे कभी ना कभी।

Achyutam Keshavam Lyrics Faq

What does ‘Achyutam’ mean?

Achyuta means “one who will never lose his inherent nature and powers”. The name also means “immovable”, “unchangeable”.

Who do we worship in ‘Achyutam Keshavam’ bhajan?

The Krishan Bhajan, Achutam Keshavam, explains to us, the right way to bring God closer to us.

Where can I find the Achyutam Keshavam lyrics in Hindi?

You can find the complete Achyutam Keshavam Hindi lyrics here.

Who has written ‘Achyutam Keshavam Bhajan’?

‘Achyutam Keshavam Bhajan’ is from Garuda Purana Chapter 8.

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Video Of Achyutam Keshavam Bhajan Song

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